2020-2021 SEASON

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Although we are still navigating our re-entry into the social and artistic world, we are committed to supporting new work as safely as possible. Stay safe, Milwaukee!

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devised and directed by
Andrew Coopman
created in collaboration with and performed by
Aria Caldwell, Ashley Retzlaff-Rogaczewski,
Benjamin Neumayer, George Lorimer Marn, Julia Gorordo,
Kayla V. White, Maria Rojkova, and Nivedita Joshi
also created in collaboration with
Allison Chicorel and Gabrielle Mankwith design by
Sarina A. Shane
and stage management by
Emily Lafrenière
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When the world forces us into isolation with only social media to connect us, how do we come together when we feel the most far apart? Where does reality meet truth, and when does it matter? RE: SOCIAL/DIVIDE is an interdisciplinary devised online performance piece deep-diving into social media, relative truth, and the relationships between them and us. #nofilter

This production will be available to stream on-demand via Vimeo from March 12th to April 11th.

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Special Thanks


devised and directed by Zach Schorsch

THUNDER DOMESTIC brings interactive narrative format to a performance setting. Creating multiple timelines of material based on tropes and traumas found in the family unit, audiences and performers choose the path that each night’s onstage family experiences. We all have made choices with loved ones that surprised us, hurt us, haunted us, and bound us; so, too, does each performance feature choices made together to create unique experiences.