Cooperative Performance
proudly presents

One Universe

conceived and performed by Sarah Moore

April 8 - 16, 2022
Sunstone Studios

Project manager:
Corrie Tritz

Personal stories, haunting melodies, and wondrous creation weave together into an evening’s examination of the many ties that bind us – what we’re made of, where we come from, and how we move through chaos to find meaning. Dancer and wild woman artist Sarah Moore guides you through a collage of storytelling, comedy, and scientific self-help, using music and poetry to reflect on the birth and death cycles of our planet and species, paralleling one woman’s life stories with the birth and expansion stories of our known universe.

About the Show

Devised and Performed by Sarah Moore

Original Music by Sarah Moore and Ionlion

Guitar and Vocals: Howard Lewis

Stage Manager: Alicia Clark

Costumes: Leslie Vaglica

Project Manager: Corrie Tritz

Sound and Lighting Support:

Thomas Courtney & Corrie Tritz

About the Artist

Sarah Moore

Trained as a dancer and certified yoga teacher, Sarah Moore is co-owner of the Pink House Studio in Riverwest which focuses on offering and spreading what she calls the Social Healing Arts. Those arts that we experience and create together to heal, support and celebrate. Dance, yoga, singing, chanting, drumming, ceremonies and more. After receiving her BFA Dance from UW Milwaukee Sarah performed and choreographed for many years both locally with Wild Space and Foothold and in San Francisco. She also works as a simple living coach helping people release clutter and live healthier lives. Her other lifelong interests also include poetry, permaculture, herbalism, and community activism.

About the Team

Howard Lewis


Howard Lewis: I started singing harmony with my brother and sister at age five. Since then I’ve had music in my head non-stop. Clarinet happened in Grade School, then I taught myself piano in college. In Vietnam a buddy gave me a twelve-string guitar with only six strings on it. I’ve been playing guitar, piano, and singing ever since. I currently perform far and wide with Darrell Smith and Sarah Moore. They are both fabulous. The Band is called Embedded Reporter. I write about what I have experienced first hand.

Alicia Clark

Stage Manager

Alicia Clark (she/they), in addition to being a stage manager, is a contract administrator and the owner of Lux Candela Studio. Alicia has worked as a technician, stage manager, lighting designer, and technical director with companies such as the Santa Fe Opera, the Utah Shakespearean Festival, Creation Entertainment, Youngblood Theater Company, and Falls Patio Players. Much love to James for his constant and loving support.

Leslie Vaglica


Leslie Vaglica is a Milwaukee Based Costume Designer. She designs for dance, theater, opera, ceremony, roller derby, and commercials. Since graduating from Mt. Mary University, Leslie has worked in all phases of costume technology, from stitcher, pattern maker, draper, and designer, to now managing the costume shop at UW Parkside. It's been a pleasure working on One Universe with Sarah and Cooperative Performance Milwaukee.


Composer and Musician

Composer and musical collaborator Ionlion spends time talking to animals and making radio shows for imaginary listeners. He wishes he had more time to make music but is pretty sure he would hate it if it were a job. His dream is to someday write commentary on par with great authors like Art Kumbalek and … well I can’t think of any others. His most recent work can be found on the ‘Shamania’ show page at

Corrie Tritz

Project Manager

Corrie Tritz serves as board treasurer for Cooperative Performance, in addition to working at the intersection of art and technology as a lighting designer, venue technician, and IT professional. Corrie holds a BA in Theater from Emerson College and a professional certificate in Arts Management from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

About the Music

Fiercely Ok: Stephanie Drouin

Girl in The War: Josh Ritter

Part of the Pain: Original by Sarah Moore

Special Thanks

  • Daniel Burkholder

  • Thomas Courtney

  • Carolyn T-Rosenlin

  • Megan Orcholski

  • Theresa Winter

  • James Clark

  • Peter Diantoni

  • Pink House Studio

  • Sura Faraj

  • Trader Joe’s Bayshore