Whether you are a performing artist, visual artist, technician, craftsman, or arts enthusiast, we invite you to join us in creating a space for innovation, development, and exploration in the performing arts.

What does it mean to be a member of a performance cooperative?

If you are an artist that wants to contribute to developing a rich creative cultural environment in Milwaukee; if you are an artist looking for other artists to create new or innovative work with and work outside of the traditional performance worlds; if you are an artist who wants nothing more than to make inspired and unique work in the performing arts, then you embody the ideals of a Cooperative Performance member.


Through your vote, member contribution, and participation, you help decide the projects the company produces, the events we engage in, and the future of Cooperative Performance.

Our members serve on the Board of Directors, or elect someone to be their representative.

Members create and produce the projects as well as help shape the work and its future through direct feedback with the projects' creators. Together we can create great works of performance.

Membership is open to any individual who wishes to join. We encourage diverse artists and patrons alike to join us in a community of people dedicated to research, innovation, and development in the performing arts.

How do you become a member?

Purchase a membership online, complete the membership form and email it to to be registered. Memberships are valid for one calendar year from the time of purchase.

Rita Bates

Daniel Burkholder

Matthew Collie

Molly Corkins

John Gardner

Sandra Hollander

Sarah Moore

Jeffrey Mosser

Lexi Rakowski

Zachary Schorsch


Abbey Bobzin

Mary Buchel

Andrea Burkholder

Kelly Coffey*

Mark Corkins*

Neal Easterling*

Tim Easterling

LuEtta Friesen

Weldon Friesen

Chris Goode

Nina Jones*

Joel Kopischke

Michael Kroeker*

Joshua Licktieg

Betsy Meinecke*

Harriet Meinecke

Rob Meinecke

Peter Mortensen

Anna Lee Murray

Alan Piotrowicz

Don Russell*

Beverly Sargent

Eric Scherrer

Steven Scott

Ro Spice-Kopischke

Corrie Tritz

Kevin Wleklinski

Ashlea Woodley

*founding member



Annual Member






  • Member Ownership in Cooperative Performance

  • Voting rights to elect representatives to the Board of Directors and in all other member-wide elections.

  • Opportunity to present performance projects to the Board of Directors for season selection

  • Discounts on Classes– drop-in and packages

  • Opportunity to host workshops, readings, etc.

  • One complimentary ticket per performance run and 10% off any additional tickets.

Fully Vested Member



$50/year, or $200 fully vested membership


  • All benefits of an Annual Member

  • Fully Vested Members are eligible for election to the Board of Directors as one of 9 Member Representatives