Scripts & Pitches

Selections for the 2020-2021 season have already been completed. Click here to learn more.

At the Season Pitch Event (held annually in January), any Member may propose a performance project. The projects receiving the most votes will be considered by the Board for the upcoming season. The General Membership is encouraged to attend Season Pitch Events, as their votes will be highly influential in the selection process. The Board of Directors then reviews the projects and the resources available for the entire season, then decides which projects will be produced. A call for submissions usuall goes out in early to mid-November to begin this process. We invite you to check back then. For more information, contact Eric Scherrer at

Resumes & Portfolios

For general consideration, please email the following to Alan Piotrowicz at

  • For actors: Please submit your .pdf format resumé and headshot. Reels are welcome, but not required.

  • For directors & designers/technicians: Please submit your resumé and any relevant portfolio work (reels, portfolios, photos, etc.)