Devised and directed by Andrew Coopman

Call for video audition submissions:
Now through December 16th, 2020

When the world forces us into isolation with only social media to connect us, how do we come together when we feel the most far apart? Where does reality meet truth, and when does it matter? THE SOCIAL DIVIDE is an interdisciplinary devised online performance piece deep-diving into social media, relative truth, and the relationships between them and us. #nofilter

How to Audition

Submit a performance piece about your favorite social media platform and why you love it or hate it. Your piece should include the some, none, or all of the following elements in any form:

  • A lie about yourself
  • A truth about yourself
  • A question
  • A Hashtag
  • An Emoji
  • A Story about a Post you regret or proud of
  • A TikTok Dance or Soundbite
  • Some sort of Trend Reference
  • An @ to Someone (real or fictional)
  • A Character that isn’t yourself
  • 5-10 seconds of reading a post (out loud or in your head)
  • 5-10 seconds of silence
  • 5-10 seconds of movement
  • 5-10 seconds of stillness
  • 10-30 seconds of taking the perfect selfie

Your audition should be submitted as a short video, but can take any form that excites or inspires you. Let your imagination run wild. Some ideas... photography, collage, poem, dance, monologue, scene, animation, song, short film, TikTok, InstaReel, an Instagram Post, WHATEVER YOU WANT. Surprise us, show us what you are curious to explore as an artist and devisor. A few article links and images are below to inspire your work.

Please send a video, file, or link by December 16th to and fill out the following Google Form:

We look forward to seeing what you come up with! Please feel free to reach out with any questions at any time. All questions are welcomed.

Rehearsal Information

  • TBD based on Actor Availability

  • Monday-Friday Evenings at 6:00-9:00 PST, Saturdays at 4:00-6:00 PST (flexible to actor locations)

  • Rehearsals will start on or around December 18th-21st for introductions, meet & greet, and first devising assignments. Rehearsals will resume the first week of January.

By the start of rehearsals, all performers are required to have strong wi-fi for movement streaming, a device large enough that you can see your fellow performers in rehearsal, and a space you can easily move in (lay down, jump, fling limbs around, etc.). During these pandemic times, we expect commitment to the process, but promise flexibility and understanding to the communicated needs of the performers.

All Rehearsals and Performances will be held via Zoom. There are options for prerecorded video performances, live zoom performances, and other interdisciplinary art performances. The style of the show will be created in the process.

About the Project Lead

Andrew (He/Him, They/Them) is an artist who wears many hats. He is a Seattle based Director & Choreographer, and is currently in his final year of the MFA in Directing program at University of Washington School of Drama. Andrew's work has been seen on many Seattle stages like Village Theater, Seattle Opera, Seattle Musical Theater, The University of Washington, The Eclectic Theater, Studio East, Edmond's Driftwood Players, Snoqualmie Falls Forest Theater, & Kitsap Forest Theater. As a Teaching Artist, they have taught at Seattle Opera, Village Theater, The University of Washington, Green River College, Edmond's Driftwood Players, Seattle Children's Theater, and Studio East, where he also served as the Teaching Artist Training Specialist. In 2019, Andrew participated as a Leading Producer with The Scratch - Seattle Workshop Series where he co-facilitated and co-created the Playwriting from Scratch Program and directed 2 original play readings by the early career playwrights.

About the Company

Cooperative Performance is an artist-led interdisciplinary producing company, a membership co-op, and a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We provide artists a forum to experiment, creating original works and innovative performances not otherwise attainable through traditional means of production; we achieve this by creating collaborative and cooperative networks, providing platforms for artist education and feedback, and utilizing unconventional forms that integrate many perspectives and artistic disciplines. Cooperative Performance is a non-AEA company, where all participants split the profits from the performances.