A note from our board chair...

May 18, 2020

In these countless days of covid-19 confinement, we need more than ever to find ways to cooperate with one another, to celebrate relationships, to embrace community in whatever way we can. Cooperative Performance has, for 7 years, worked to create events that honor that spirit. It’s even in our name. And, from being a part of one of our 21 productions, many artists have gained the know-how to create their own companies right here in Milwaukee, growing and strengthening our local theater community.

Our passion is offering artists a way to create emergent works that speak to the current pulse and events in our world, and then sharing these inspired works with our Milwaukee community. Whenever possible, we forge new relationships and feed existing ones between collaborators, venues, and the creators of our productions, always with a mission of deepening community ties.

And although we are unsure of how entry back into the social and artistic world will happen, we have committed to supporting new work as soon our next season can safely begin. That means we still intend to produce Embodied Truth (postponed from this May) by Daniel Burkholder and Kimani Fowlin, One Universe, One Woman by Sarah Moore, and Thunder Domestic by Zach Schorsch.

Did you know that anyone can vote on our next season? We want the art created to be reflective of what our community craves. And, did you also know we hold open auditions for every show we do? That means seasoned local performers and those new to the Milwaukee performance stage can all work together, which is a rarity in the theater world, but common in Cooperative Performance productions.

While membership is required to have your production in our season, no one else has to be a member. Our member dues, however, help to carry us along in between shows and to pay for the very real costs of running a business. And, an annual membership of $50 gets you one ticket into each show of our season, as well as more votes for our next season! There is no prerequisite to join membership, it's your way to show you support the creation of new, game-changing performance in Milwaukee.

In the spirit of partnership and reciprocity, two things we at Cooperative Performance believe in, would you consider joining membership? Your $50 allows us to plan for a next season in these uncertain times and guarantees you a seat in each of the shows in this next season. If you have been a member before, would you consider rejoining, or vesting your membership ($200 total)? And if you are a current member, would you consider renewing now or vesting? If the answer is “yes” to any of these questions, just click here.

Of course, we gratefully accept any amount of donation as well.

We can’t wait to see you on stage or in the audience next season. We look forward to sharing the space again.


Andrea Burkholder

Chair of Board, Cooperative Performance

Thank you!

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