The Pitch & Play originally scheduled for May 15th, 2022 is now A Final Farewell to Co-Op. Click here for more info.

Whether you are a performing artist, visual artist, technician, craftsman, or arts enthusiast, we invite you to join us in creating a space for innovation, development, and exploration in the performing arts. Here's some ways to get involved...

Pitch & Play

Every four months, we hold an open house. The Pitch portion is a chance for members to propose projects - such as workshops, readings, productions, or events - for consideration. The Play portion is an open forum for artists to chat and test out ideas with other artists and arts enthusiasts. All are welcome to participate; just bring your ideas and your collaborative spirit!


If you are an artist that wants to contribute to developing a rich creative cultural environment in Milwaukee; if you are an artist looking for other artists to create new or innovative work with and work outside of the traditional performance worlds; if you are an artist who wants nothing more than to make inspired and unique work in the performing arts, then you embody the ideals of a Cooperative Performance member.


Audition notices for upcoming projects, as well as general audition calls that we are participating in (such as the Milwaukee General Auditions and Milwaukee Diversity Generals) will be posted on this page. (Membership is not required to audition or be considered for a project.)