A ‘Kaleidoscope’ of Complex Emotional Survival | Shepherd Express

October 21, 2019

"Cooperative Performance explores cycles of abuse and recovery in Kaleidoscope, a dance theater piece in the cozy space at Danceworks. The white frame of a doorway rests between two implied rooms. Kaitlyn Moore and Dana Leone Strothenke bring the complexities of emotional survival to the stage as a couple of women simultaneously recover from abusive relationships in a journey which feels considerably more expansive than its 50-minute runtime."

Clever Steampunk, Flying Machines and ‘Machina Persona’ | Shepherd Express

April 08, 2019

"J.J. Gatesman and Cooperative Performance stage an endearingly comic work of original physical theater with the premiere of Machina Persona. A cast of six play steampunk-inspired archetypes who are all working together on a flying machine."

The Steampunk Community of MACHINA PERSONA | The Small Stage

April 06, 2019

"The very human fantasy of another world settles-in for a dazzling, little theatrical fugue. A huge budget isn’t needed for a dreamy theatrical experience. What Gatesman and company deliver here is akin to being dropped in a completely foreign community of heartwarmingly fragile people."

'Allusion/Illusion' Defies Expectations About the Nature of Reality | Shepherd Express

February 11, 2019

"Anyone familiar with Cooperative Performance’s work knows that they make the most of everything, using mountains of creativity to make an otherwise boring concept fascinating. Their latest production, Allusion/Illusion, is precisely that. Performed in an old warehouse in the Third Ward, every inch of space is adapted expertly to feel like its own world, and the viewer’s perspective and expectations are in for a wild ride."

A Metaphysical Fairy Tale Cast in Cream City Brick | The Small Stage

February 09, 2019

"Cooperative Performance’s Allusion/Illusion is an intellectually exhilarating 45 minutes of experimental theatre. Like anything that’s truly experimental, it is many different things in many different ways. For 45 minutes the tiny, little improvised space in the Third Ward just down the street and around the corner from the Milwaukee Public Market becomes a fun existential playground cast in the emptiness of a vacant warehouse with vast expanses of plaster and Cream City brick."

'Celsius 232' a New Take on 'Fahrenheit 451' | Shepherd Express

December 03, 2018

"Dystopian stories can seem removed from our society: 1984 was written in 1948, Brave New World came out in 1932 and Fahrenheit 451 in 1955; which is why Quasimondo Physical Theatre and Cooperative Performance offered an updated, more modern take on the latter. The play, named Celsius 232, premiered in the North Milwaukee Arthaus, a former fire station turned theater."

Adaptation of "Farenheit 451" staged in former fire station | OnMilwaukee

November 26, 2018

"In this adaptation, Guy Montag is a public servant in a post-truth world who has it all – almost. A loving family, a luxury condo, and a fulfilling job with Squadron 232, he is committed to protecting the public from society's most sinister of threats: books. When a string of chance encounters ignites a trail of questioning, this humble firefighter must embark down a dangerous path to discover what's missing: truth."

Turning Up the Heat: Quasimondo Physical Theatre Brings New Life to North Milwaukee | Shepherd Express

November 20, 2018

"This fall, I was offered the opportunity to work as the editorial intern at the Shepherd Express. While I considered my main expertise to be in arts and entertainment, I hadn’t thought about the various forms it takes. I’m a music snob, so when I was handed a list of theater articles and reviews, I felt out of my element. My trips around Milwaukee have brought me to many extraordinary buildings, but nothing had compared to the feeling I had when I walked into the site of the North Milwaukee Arthaus."

The Raw Aggression of CORIOLANA | Shepherd Express

October 15, 2018

"Cooperative Performance’s bold high-energy adaptation of Shakespeare’s CORIOLANA is a spare production. A couple of towers are wheeled around to suggest different locations. Costuming is simple and pragmatic with opposing forces clearly identifiable by color. The visual simplicity allows the raw aggression and brutality of the production to appealingly guide the drama’s momentum."

Cooperative Performance's 'Coriolana' a Timely Story of Bad Male Behavior | Shepherd Express

October 09, 2018

"What if women assumed male privilege and behaved as men do? Coriolana is an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Coriolanus in which the title character, a Roman patrician and prime example of what’s commonly called “toxic masculinity,” is not merely played by a woman but is reconceived as a female character."

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