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Physical Safety & Comfort

Cooperative Performance is devoted to providing a forum for artists to explore, create, experiment, and ultimately, hone their craft. We believe that the body and voice are a performer’s truest instrument of creativity and craft through which we communicate our message. Through our rehearsal processes and training courses, we seek to discover new ways these instruments can be used to communicate through physical and vocal experimentation.

The nature of our performance work may at times require physical touch between performers, instructors, and directors throughout the process. This is utilized to clarify or demonstrate the body’s processes as related to actor training or performance. We acknowledge that this exploration can reveal incredibly intimate moments and may require a need to establish boundaries based on an artist’s comfort level. Cooperative Performance strives to provide a safe and accepting space for all those involved to grow through this work.

If you have special needs or concerns, are uncomfortable with the nature of this work, or have past physical injuries that may restrict or prevent your taking part in the work, please speak to the instructor and/or director for further discussion. If you are uncomfortable discussing this with said party for any reason, please reach out to the production’s Project Manager or any member of the Board of Directors for Cooperative Performance.

Sexual Harrassment Policy

Cooperative Performance does not tolerate any form of sexual harassment in the working space. Sexual harassment is unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature which makes an artist feel offended, humiliated, and/or intimidated. This can involve one or more incidents of physical, verbal, and non-verbal behavior. If, at any time, you feel harassed while working on a Cooperative Performance affiliated project, please reach out to any member of the Board of Directors for Cooperative Performance or email directly. We take all allegations seriously and will thoroughly investigate the situation. If allegations prove true after investigation, Cooperative Performance will take appropriate action up to and including removal of one or more parties from the project or cancel the project in its entirety depending on severity. The company will also aid in any outside investigation that may be appropriate.