Who are we?

  • We are a professional performance company.

  • We are a non-profit cooperative.

  • We are our members.

​What are we offering?

A chance to participate in a self-perpetuating system that produces brand new, cutting edge, professional performance. Continuing influence, via your vote, on the future direction of the company – events, season selection, and direction of growth.

The opportunity to propose projects for inclusion in a season and to influence the season selection via elected board representatives and general membership votes.

​What do we want to produce?

New and innovative performance art. Scripts re-imagined and remixed. Barriers bent and broken between “theatre,” “dance,” and “music.” Projects that veer from the standard model and teach us something about performance and its practices. A multitude of things that we haven’t imagined, but someone else has. The possibilities are literally endless.

How is our cooperative different from others?

Many cooperatives are consumer co-ops (owned by the consumers, for the purpose of collective buying power), or worker co-ops (owned by the workers, so that profits are distributed more equitably). We are a non-profit 501(c)3 organization and a cooperative. Our members are both artist workers and audience consumers, with members having a voice in organizational leadership and season selection.

How does our version of the cooperative structure work?

Members purchase Yearly ($50) or Vested ($200) memberships. Yearly memberships are cumulative towards Vested membership. The general membership elects representation in the form of the Board of Directors. Members are eligible to serve on the Board of Directors and pitch projects for production in our season.

​How are projects selected for a season?

At our thrice-yearly Pitch & Plays, any Member may propose a performance project. The projects receiving the most votes will be considered by the Board for upcoming production. The general membership is encouraged to attend these events, as their votes will be highly influential in the selection process.


Cooperative Performance exists...

...to provide artists a forum to experiment, creating original works and innovative performances not otherwise attainable through traditional means of production;

...to offer audiences a wide range of artistic and cultural enrichment; and

...to inspire deeper thought and discussion into the issues concerning our communities - both local and global.

We achieve this by creating collaborative and cooperative networks, providing platforms for artist education and feedback, and utilizing unconventional forms that integrate diverse perspectives and artistic disciplines.

Cooperative Performance is a member of the Milwaukee Dance Theatre Network.